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Parlez-Vous Designer?

March 18, 2010


From my blog entry on the Digital Space blog

RGB. CMYK. Pixels. Serifs. Running heads. Resolution. Wrap-around. Sometimes designers speak a language for insiders only. This is fine when we’re talking to each other, but what about when we’re talking to our clients? Are we expecting them to break the code?

When presenting to a new client, I try to look at the work I’m showing them with a non-designer’s eye. Designers are communicators by profession, but all too often we forget the basics that need to be communicated to our clients so that we’re all speaking the same language. more at Digital Space>>

Color Palettte Goodness: Coraline

March 15, 2010


The creepy/cool animated movie Coraline is not your average animated movie. With its fabulous graphics and retro color palette it’s a graphic designer’s dream. No bubblegum pinks and unicorn, glitter purples here. A selected color palette from the movie looks more like this:


and this:

colorline palette 2

Hats off to visual designer Tadahiro Uesugi for his amazing and inspiring work. For more color palettes, please see:

Color Palette Goodness

Color Palette Goodness: Met Home

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Is Direct Mail Dead?

February 22, 2010


From my blog entry on the Digital Space blog

It’s the age of the Internet — e-mail marketing, social networking, blogs. So why would you do printed, direct mail marketing? No one reads that stuff…do they? more at Digital Space>>

Just Launched:

February 19, 2010


Please check out our latest e-commerce site for Etesian Technologies, a manufacturer of wind speed sensors. This is a complete redesign of an existing site which (full disclosure) was designed and programmed by the ambitious inventor and intellectual client who had no prior web design experience.

The former site:


Old home page


Old shop page

The new site is managed entirely in WordPress and is integrated with and UPS. The look was updated, but the major improvement is in the functionality of the site for the user.

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Location, location, location

February 16, 2010

It’s always helpful to actually work with clients, preferably at their own computer, and watch the way they use their websites and the internet in general.

What have I noticed? That a lot of my clients are confused between the location bar and Google search. Many people have Google set as their home page, and to get to a web page they type the URL ( into the Google search bar. Then they click “Search” and click on the link to the site they were looking for.

So what’s wrong with this? First of all, it has lots of unnecessary steps. But secondly, and most importantly, many times Google has not indexed the page the client is trying to get to (especially if, as in the case of my beta and building sites, they’re blocked from Google). That’s when I get the panicked calls: “I went to link you sent and there’s nothing there!

Here’s what I send them:


Do you do this? Don’t feel embarrassed. You are in very smart, very successful company. But make your life easier and use Google for searching and the location bar for URLs.

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